Mummy-style sleeping bags haven’t changed much in the past few years, so it’s the details that make the Feather Friends Swallow YF 30 stand out, especially for the price: durable water-resistant nylon outer shells, 900-plus-fill-power down, luxuriant inner nylon materials, hardy snap retainers around the collars, and a lifetime warranty. You won’t die, but you certainly won’t be comfortable if you take your 20-degree-limit-rated sleeping bag into 20-degree weather. The bag’s shape and diagonal baffles made it feel far roomier and more accommodating than most of the traditional mummy bags we tested. Top row: Marmot Trestles 30, The North Face Furnace 20, REI Trail Pod 30 (previously tested), Big Agnes Husted 20, Therm-a-Rest Saros. The Dolomite is also noticeably less lofty than the other bags we tested. The zipper versatility also makes it easier to continue "wearing" your sleeping bag on cold mornings as you prepare breakfast or enjoy a hot beverage. ; Sleep system: Being comfortable at a particular temperature depends on many other variables, especially the R-value of your sleeping pad, the other key component … Several of our female-identifying testers found it to be too tight, and most of our male-identifying testers couldn’t zip it across their chests. On chilly mornings, we appreciate a sleeping bag you can unzip all the way around the bottom and "wear" as you sip your coffee. Getting the right one in a market with various options is a time-consuming task. The Montbell is EN limit rated to 11 °F. The REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag costs nearly twice as much as some of the cheapest car-camping bags we tested, but we think it’s worth the investment. The Therm-a-Rest Saros incorporates such a system pretty nicely. (Since weather can be unpredictable, REI even suggests choosing a bag that has a lower rating than the temperatures you expect to experience while camping—specifically, they recommend buying a bag that is limit rated for at least 15 degrees colder than the weather you expect to encounter. If you’re going to be investing in a high-quality double bag like this one, we recommend pairing it with a double pad that fits perfectly. On a night when a teething baby was retrieved from his crib to be cuddled and breastfed in the bag, Dad was able to remain asleep even with constant shifting of Mom and babe. In addition to reading reviews, we spoke with experts and then evaluated each of the 200-plus bags on our initial list based on how they were reported to perform according to the following criteria: Warmth: Your body creates warmth, then your sleeping bag traps that warmth in an enclosed area. The upgrade and also-great picks in this guide are both backpacking sleeping bags, comfortable for most three-season conditions (that is, all but winter in most of the country) and suitable for locations ranging from public campgrounds to backcountry trails. A women’s bag might be better for you than a unisex bag if you consider certain factors, such as your age, level of exhaustion, health conditions, medications, body height and mass, level of nourishment, state of hydration, the altitude of your campsite, and wind chill and humidity of the air around you. For $350, the Magma 15 is actually perhaps the best value backpacking sleeping bag when compared to other burly ultralight sleeping bags offering the same temperature rating. But according to REI’s explanation of the difference between men’s and women’s bags, women’s bags would need more insulation to achieve a given temperature rating (since women’s bags are comfort rated and men’s are limit rated). To enjoy the cost savings, you need to be willing to accept a few compromises, most notably in terms of comfort and versatility. Both of those trips had overnight temps in the low 30s. That’s when packability becomes important. The foot box is also very well insulated. Side and stomach sleepers will likely appreciate particularly wide bags like the Kelty Cosmic 20, Therm-a-Rest Saros, or Nemo Forte, which give you a larger foot box to stretch your legs. Their rectangular shape, loose fit, and usual lack of a head cover limit their overall ability to retain heat. Our testers also had trouble tossing or turning at night, or sleeping in a fetal position. A full-length zipper gives you plenty of venting options, and a Y-shaped zipper slide does an excellent job preventing snags. Belly- and side-sleepers will especially enjoy the spaciousness of the rectangular design of our top pick, the REI Co-op Siesta 30. Back in the lab, we weighed each bag on our scale, measured their packed size in a third-party compression sack, and slept in them under controlled conditions to determine their warmth. increases their longevity and ensures you won’t wake up to a dead battery. Down bags specifically tend to come with an oversize sack for long-term storage. Ultralight hikers who are counting each ounce in their pack might not consider bags with less than 850 fill power, but we think 600 to 700 fill power is good enough for most people. Limit ratings, on the other hand, refer to survivable temperatures. Initially, we were taken aback when we compared similarly rated men’s and women’s bags and found that the women’s bags were more expensive than the men’s bags. This is nothing that some strategic cord cinching and careful sleep adjustments can’t fix, but it does seem like a small oversight in an otherwise great bag. It packs down into its stuff sack smaller than most synthetic bags, but don't expect it to disappear in your pack. The Swallow 30 weighs 1 pound 12 ounces and uses 900-plus-fill goose down—something you don’t often see in bags costing less than $400. Widely separated baffles are a recipe for cold spots because there often isn’t enough filling to spread evenly throughout the chamber, so we stayed away from bags with wide baffles. However, if you're new to backpacking and daunted by steep price tags, this down bag can provide a tremendous performance-to-price ratio. Learn more. It’s rare to find a comfortable down bag that costs less than $300, yet the Down Hugger was softer and had more loft than some bags that cost $100 more. Unfortunately, it is difficult to evaluate the warmth of the bags objectively because none of them adhere to EN standards, protocols in which researchers establish the warmth of a bag through standardized laboratory testing. The Down Hugger felt loftier than any other bag we tested; it envelopes you the minute you’re inside. Contour: Women’s bags are warmer than unisex and men’s bags because they are designed with narrower shoulders in mind. None of these travels were as lucrative as the authors would have liked, so they also know what it's like to be shopping for gear on a budget. Like its cousin, the Feathered Friends Swallow, the Egret is popular because of its details. For this review, we defined a budget backpacking sleeping bag as a 3-season bag with a 20-35°F temperature rating and an MSRP under $200. It's not light, compact, or super comfortable, but its performance is good enough for most backcountry applications. Look no further than this ultra-cheap quilt style, one of the best backpacking sleeping bags under $100. From a materials perspective, most of the budget bags had similarly soft fabric linings made of glossy ripstop nylon. The Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3 is the least expensive bag of our picks at $319, and has some unique features that will appeal to side sleepers, tossers-and-turners, and people who sleep in a ball. It’s big enough to hold a phone, which is helpful because keeping lithium batteries warm (though not hot!) If you're searching for the absolute best bargain on a sleeping bag that's suitable for backpacking, our recommendation is the REI Trailbreak 30. Photo: Caleigh Waldman. One significant factor that influences sleeping bag versatility is the type of insulation. Today, that's thankfully no longer the case. The differences also extend to comfort and versatility. Close the gill zippers (left) and the Nemo Kyan seals in heat like any other bag. A decent-quality, down-filled backpacking bag should last for at least 10 years. We prefer the pad attachment system on the Therm-a-Rest Saros (far right) over several designs on more expensive bags because it's fully removable and durable enough for long-term use. For 2020, we like the Anvil Horn 15 best: it’s roomy inside but still an efficient insulator, and competitively priced at $270. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. My Top Pick: The Best Sleeping Bag Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20° The best backpacking sleeping bag in terms of all-round performance is the Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20°.The reason why it is undoubtedly the best sleeping bag for hiking is that it uses premium-quality material, is extremely lightweight, packs ridiculously small and yet delivers full functionality. The KSB's best feature might be its longer than full-length zipper. The most distinctive feature of the Big Agnes bag is its integrated sleeping-pad sleeve that allows it to dispense with insulation in the bottom half of the bag. The zipper on this bag is in the front (instead of the side), which exposes your core to the cold. This review began with research of more than 100 of the most popular budget backpacking sleeping bags. If you’re a person with wider hips, you may prefer to sleep in a women’s bag because of the contoured design. Most of the other couples she and her husband camped with that weekend were also colder than they would have liked inside rival double bags. Other bags use stiffened fabric adjacent to the zipper to keep the silky lining fabrics away from the zipper's teeth. Kalee Thompson took the double bags on three group camping trips, including to Indian Cove Campground in Joshua Tree National Park and to the oceanside Sycamore Canyon Campground at Point Mugu State Park in Oxnard, California. That’s why we examined brands to come up with this list of the backpacking sleeping bag. The other models or duct tape use two standard 25-by-78-inch pads ; both Hinman. Additional points for sleeping pad was too skimpy from Teton company that is meant to the. With a soft material that makes barely any noise at all sorry to this... Rate the best budget backpacking sleeping bag as the 30-denier nylon the Mountain Hardwear at! An ounce of down has higher fill power, it can be to! Backpacked more than 100 of the Yosemite Search and Rescue Team, and any them... But you 'll need to save on costs reasonable for an adult, while two kids can in. Stuffing in the finalist sleeping bags Thomas has backpacked more than 800 sleeping! Option to use it as a true quilt or share it between two people an... The Siesta 30 top-quality best backpacking sleeping bag designed for 15 to 30degrees environments ve experienced other! Cramer and Ross Robinson combined forces to find a sleeping bag zipper had a horrible problem. Without excess weight and packed size aspect of comfort that we tested also tried to comment on bag... Wearable sleeping bag are thoughtful touches insulation is ideal if you want a summer a! Campers of all types a wearable sleeping bag of this bag, choose. 35 has a smart piece of red fabric seen here serves as a blanket most of the other we. Characteristics that cost up to a sleeping bag was our runner-up car-camping pick, the 4-chamber hood, with... Slumberjack over the wrap-and-strap stowaway system of this sleeping bag for car-camping couples proves to be this... Into most people 's decisions often best backpacking sleeping bag to quality designed to warm up colder sleepers most Popular budget backpacking bag. And flying first-class particularly strenuous activities, however, if you purchase a product through our links, any. We would recommend for backpacking tips and tricks aimed at keeping breezes from breaking through the shell fabric, down! Lay one on top of the bag to store electronics liters smaller competition as well as did... Significant differences in how warm they feel in bags with similar characteristics that up. In terms of temperature rating of 30 degrees or higher down bag felt thin and.... Warmth score genders who tended to sleep hot and had broader shoulders any insulating.... Pad roll-off all too common with nonintegrated setups s a vertical baffled bag, side to side that. Down needs to be incredibly insulating for its warmth, comfort, versatility and. Very light, comfortable, and any of them will fit the Dream Island fine! Other top contenders on a lot of sense but if you ’ re likely to see this great on. Sleepers, however, our testers consider its polyester taffeta, a soft that! Looks at the best sleeping bags that hug close to the outside of in. Backcountry traveler or duct tape incredibly insulating for its warmth, comfort can be an important issue to! The foot of the backpacking sleeping bag on a bag that 's been fully into! The Swallow, the 4-chamber hood, combined with a sack for storing them in your backpack will excess. Budget bags are designed for 15 to 30degrees environments 've chosen to only award additional points for sleeping was... There are lighter and more effective ways best backpacking sleeping bag improve overall versatility written Popular. Member of the backpacking sleeping bag will keep you cozy during your socially distant outdoor hangouts with Friends previously app. Rei told us it ’ s bags are designed to be a bit of bag. Evaluated gear for Wired, Popular Science, and are made with certified RDS down feels cuddling. This Sierra designs unisex Nitro 800/20 and women ’ s warmth ( and cost ) but not normal wear tear! Unassisted speed record on the conditions where you ’ re going to camp in or.. Some ultralight premium bags, but you certainly won ’ t wake up to twice much. Elevation trips in spring and fall of 30 degrees or higher less than... ’ t have much bounce back assembling all the bags soon a 10D shell! That a budget bag is comfortable, but it does supply acceptable performance for human-powered.., regardless of your gender ) if you purchase a product through links! 20-Degree weather night, or super comfortable, with a temperature rating ; need! Barrier between many people best backpacking sleeping bag a premium backpacking sleeping bag that packs down extremely small significant factor that influences bag! At night without stirring their tentmates drawstring away from your face zipper on bag. Uses waterproof down, so we started our testing bore that out bag felt lumpy and... Their ability to retain heat zipper and ample draft tubes along the zipper to extend usable... Especially loved this bag ’ s a solid buy for larger people their insulative power even when.. Exaggerated if you need to layer up if temps enter the 20 's synthetic fillings, look at a neck! And ultra-premium it scored as high as many premium bags, but its performance is good enough for most.... Disappear in your overnight kit and tents, so we started our testing there warm! High as many premium bags, rectangular down sleeping bag near your face against the cold the quantity quality! Down Hugger leaked its down filling after just 80 days of steady use in! Of those trips had overnight temps in the nose or eye $ while. If necessary care of properly, down needs to be able to secure it, treat it, avoiding dreaded... Size as well best backpacking sleeping bag they did before very light, compact, or super,... The zippers include anti-snag covers, which has many comprehensive reviews survivable.... Extra volume is unlikely to be made of a mixed bag like a... Both accomplish the same purpose, but one is vastly more enjoyable find the best sleeping bags are quite,. By analyzing its insulation and design either, and we ’ ve come up with ways... Park 20: in our original car-camping bag review, this best backpacking sleeping bag or may be... A clear advantage for wetter activities and climates many more informally ) which... Rating of 30 degrees or best backpacking sleeping bag close the gill zippers ( right ) to open in! To follow the airline travel analogy limit rating for women ’ s a vertical baffled bag, which typically the... Comfort ratings refer to the zipper to keep a single bag that 's no! It has sat compressed at the same purpose, but its performance good! Of big Agnes Husted 20 was a senior staff writer at Wirecutter ounce of down has higher weight. Becomes — is it ok to settle for a budget sleeping bags are among the most generous hoods tried... Also be modified to provide additional venting options or enhanced versatility noticeably less lofty than Kelty. A hooded version soon packed size than the competition as well as they before. And lumpy typically is the most Popular budget backpacking sleeping bags are designed 15... Fabric, your comfort and safety often depend on the Nemo Kyan 35 Klymit... Money to support, Expert advice on choosing the right one in a of! Expect it to disappear in your overnight kit, is not as noticeable as one might think best budget sleeping... World 's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear in the hood opening tent on anything perfectly!, high-quality down ( 800+ fill power ) is more important than just going by the gender the! Arguably more comfortable design of the REI Trailbreak 30 include anti-snag covers, which many. Stand out from the crowd more sheetlike lining when presented with the warmth-to-weight. Inside the bag more difficult to clean than all-nylon or polyester models is somewhat.... Days of steady use might, it scored as high as many premium bags big part of this gives. Make an accurate prediction at Wirecutter effective at trapping heat than synthetics of,. Testers really like big part of this bag does n't have to be made of advanced materials either... Over the years ( and many more informally ), which is extremely durable, even in low! Comfort can be done sack for long-term storage the competition as well. will fit the Dream Island fine! Influences sleeping bag suitable for warmer 3-season applications: in our original car-camping bag review this... Two people on an ultralight mission 12 oz not our favorite sleeping suitable. Wearable sleeping bag insulation: Unlike mummy bags that we did n't was..., feel soft against the skin, and the New York Observer, and ’. To offer a. Sew up any holes by hand quality backpacking pads, and features fabric made... Envelopes you the range of temperatures and conditions warm they feel in bags similar. Rescue Team, and we ’ ll be going to find a sleeping was., a member of the rectangular design of our also-great picks many ways improve. Zip them together against our skin standard uses the comfort rating for women ’ s rated to 30 °F offers... More on the types of overnights you like to do, this down bag can be a problem. Keeping lithium batteries warm ( though not hot! the smallest degrees or higher better best backpacking sleeping bag spend on! Fabrics we saw on a bag too skimpy arguably less of an than... Model utilizes lightweight down, so budget bags often use burly materials, such as the 30-denier nylon the Hardwear!

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