History of Rohtas District is quite interesting. Other inscriptions cite that it was ruled by the Khayarwala clan who were sovereigns of Shahbad (the area now known as Bhojpur and Rohtas). Rohtas Fort in Jhelum District is one of the most historic and iconic forts in Pakistan. Historical Background Rohtas has an old & interesting history. About Rohtas Fort Rohtas … Rohtas Fort locally and famously known as Qila Rohtas is not only a historical place rather it is included in world heritage sites of UNESCO since 1997. – Rohtas Fort Timings – Entrance Tickets for the Fort. In pre-historic days, the plateau region of the district has been the abode of aboriginals whose chief representatives now are the Bhar and the Oraon tribe.According to some legends, the Kharwar tribe was the original settlers in the hilly tracts near Rohtas. Rohitasva was son of king Harishchandra who was ancestor of king Dasarath, father of Lord Ram. Qila Rohtas History in Urdu - Rohtas Fort Documentary Jhelum Pakistan - Urdu Documentary . It is located in the province of Punjab. History of Rohtas Fort. The head quarter of district Rohtas is Sasaram. Oraon tribe also claims that they ruled over the area between Rohtas and Patna. Administrative headquarter … This is a Fort in Pakistan worth to be visited by Tourists all over the world and a cursory touch is also given to other Forts in Pakistan. There is a mythical context behind the derivation of Sasaram. History of Rohtas Fort, Pakistan is presented in a sequence, making it easy to understand by audience without loosing interest. If you ever visit the beautiful city of Jhelum in Punjab, you need to include Rohtas Fort to your travel itinerary. Qila Rohtas) is a historical garrison fort built by king Farid Khan, located near the city of Jhelum Pakistan to subdue the warrior tribes of North Punjab.This fort is about 4 km in circumference. The history of Rohtas is a long and chequered one. Rohtas Fort Entrances. Exploring the history, the famous Rohtas Fort lists in the top 10 visiting places of Pakistan. It came into existence when Shahabad District was bifurcated into Bhojpur & Rohtas in 1972. The old texts and inscriptions found near Rohtas suggest that the fort was in the possession of the Hindu king Pratapdhavala of the Japla dynasty. Even if the said Qadir Bakhsh was the head of dining affairs at Rohtas, it is very less likely that his daughter, upon her death, would merit an interment under such a grand tomb. Rohtas district is one of the thirty-eight (38) districts of Bihar. Sher Shah Suri built the sprawling castle following the historic Battle of Chausa where Mughal Emperor Humayun faced defeat at the hands of the Pashtun rulers. Rohtas district is part of Patna division. Let’s learn more about visiting the Rohtas Fort and its history in this post. The Rohtas Fort is a massive defensive complex surrounding a small hill alongside the Kahan River. The languages spoken in this area are Bhojpuri, Hindi and English. That’s because Rohtas Fort is restored and maintained well by the authorities every passing year. The stone walls are almost 12.5m in thickness, with the height of the walls (10m-18m) varying according to the terrain. Among the gates that adorn the Fort, the Sohail Gate is … Now, The Rohtas District is a part of Patna Division, and it has an area of 3850 km² (square kilometres), a population of 2,448,762 (2001 census), and a population density of 636 persons per km². Rohtas Fort (Urdu language: قلعہ روہتاس ‎ . The name of this district is derived from Rohitasva (Rohtas) fort in 1972. Languages spoken in this area are Bhojpuri, Hindi and English. History of Rohtas. Pages of history are quiet on the identity of any Qadir Bakhsh or the Food Minister of Sher Shah Suri, if one existed. The History of Rohtas Fort (Qila Rohtas) March 26, 2020 July 7, 2020 admin 0 Comments This fortress doesn’t appear to be worked by people, however mammoths!” shouted my companion Haroon as we stepped thoroughly over the endless territory of the compelling Rohtas Fort.

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