Neither were very attractive options, so I decided I needed to come up with a third option: find a way to keep my cat away from my plant. Also, a lot of plants are toxic to my cats. Many of us enjoy a little greenery around the house, but hen you are a pet lover, that can be easier said than done. There are several different varieties of jade plants, all belonging to the family Crassula. Unfortunately, jade plants are highly toxic to cats, dogs, and horses, causing symptoms such as vomiting, lethargy, depression, and incoordination if ingested. Cat Yuki served by @aentschie. Rosemary is one such plant. I am constantly shifting around my plants and to try and manage a situation with my cat who just can’t stay away. My kitten is like most cats. For starters, I’m terrible at keeping plants alive. This shrub typically grows between 2 and 3 feet tall and produces blue-ish TOXIC PLANTS They are characterized by dark green fleshy leaves and thick, wooden-like stems. Do I give in to my cat’s bad behavior and accept that I can’t keep plants in the house, or do I resign myself to the fact that I will have to sweep dirt off my windowsill daily? Many pet supply stores sell cat grass kits that allow you to grow safe grass your cat can nibble on whenever she wants. Cats are curious creatures that can decide to nibble on your houseplants. One of the easier options is to sow plants that cats generally hate. I love plants and I love pets, but unfortunately for me, the two don’t mix. Sometimes the best solution to lure your cat away from your plants is to give her some of her own. Cats & Aloe Plants. We might love the smell of it but cats would vehemently disagree. If you place a planter with this grass where your cat can easily reach it, she may be satisfied enough to leave your plants alone. Pearl plant, like other plants on this list, is safe for cats and dogs. 35% Have a cat that is obsessed with some specific plants and likes to nibble on the leaves. There are a few ways of doing this so your cats learn to stay away. Unfortunately, many common houseplants are toxic and potentially fatal to cats. More than half of the respondents have cats that check out the plants every now and then but mostly leave them alone. Booby Trap Your Plants. This hardy, succulent plant, with pearl-like tubercles over its fleshy, blue-green leaves, looks stunning in any home. The roots have the oil that is of medicinal interest to humans and these will also attract cats. Aloe plants … Spray it occasionally in the soil and your cats will definitely leave your plants alone. This plant responds well to low-light and low watering conditions. The leaves need to be crushed for interest to be shown by cats (mostly, some cats can't leave it alone). Today there are tons of new products and methods to help repel your cats, but which are the most effective? Two respondents have true plant destroying cats. The entire azalea plant is toxic to both dogs and cats, but it will also make horses, goats, and sheep sick. It is a pretty house plant, will grow happily in the garden and cats will choose it rather than other house plants.

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