Let the solvent dry completely. Lacquer dries within seconds and can be re-coated without sanding between coats. This is my new favorite bolg/website. I have just finished putting seven coats of Tung Oil on a dining room table. The poly video was my first attempt and I never thought it would get up to 850,000 plus views. I’m excited to give this a try and I very much appreciate your detailed and informative videos that have inspired me to take this on. Bubbling, running and puddling are the most frequent complaints of consumers applying polyurethane finishes I found while searching the internet. Once done GENTLY pour 3 parts poly into a separate container. . Yep it’s true. An Incorrect operation could lead to wastage of time and money. You’ve done a lot and if you’re happy leave it alone. Keep a wet edge. I have watched Paul’s videos multiple times and actually am using them as training guides for my guys working for me. The theory is that there is air trapped between the bristles of the brush and the ferrule (the metal retainer between the bristles and the handle). This is great information and has greatly enhanced our end results. Hi Paul, (You can use a natural bristle brush with oil-based poly, but keep an eye out for loose brush hairs.) Thank you for taking the time to write this article and taking the time to make the accompanying video. paul. However, a water based polyurethane floor finish requires less time to complete. Nylon repels water. I typically don’t sand the final coat. That’s why I am putting emphasizing on coating the corners separately. These are for my stair steps. Turns out YouTube is removing the instructional text box feature (annotations) on all YouTube videos sometime in January of 2019. After securing the corners, use a renowned T-bar applicator for polyurethane to apply the first coating on the floor. I must say you’ve dohe a amazing job wityh this. Apply sanding considering the condition of the floor. In fact at our age we need to try everything, QUICK!! So in summary the steps are 80 grit if necessary, 120 grit always, advancing to 180 grit always, and finishing with 220 grit preferred. Before giving the second coat, use liquid white vinegar on the floor and wipe it out with microfiber cloth. At 38″ wide you should be okay reach-wise. ( as my first attempt was a disaster …etc etc ..then came upon your video to save me) I am using OIL based products. Of course all held to gether with jigs …. The lower the grit, the deeper the scratching. My question is what width size brush should I use? Should I use a 3″ or do you think 4″ would be better. Then … Be sure to overlap first and second strokes slightly. Most attempts to make a nice finish really deep only result in cloudiness. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Come back after 3-4 hours when the coating is fully dried, softly sand the entire floor with 220-grit sandpaper. Exceptional Blog! Main Author of ‘TheHomeDigs‘. Applying polyurethane to wood floors without bubbles can be a time-consuming task that requires multiple steps. If your compressor expresses WET air it will actually drive water deep into the wood and may prevent the proper application of oil-based poly. So, again, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with the world. Brush on three thin coats with a foam brush. paul. best . At this point you have the right 2 1/2″ – 3″ strip done. Proper brushing technique will reduce the amount of air bubbles that develop in the finish. Now be sure to experiment because the polyurethane HAS to be thinned to make it wipeable. Hey Paul. GENTLY using a mixing stick stir the poly until you feel there are no lumps on the bottom or in the swirl. I did it because it is a dark stairway that is heavily trafficked. Hopefully this is NOT THE END but A GREAT FINISH!! Another option is a product called Monocoat that is also flawless but its reeeeeeally expensive. The air compressor truly an option and not required for dust removal. The brush in my YouTube video “Bubble-Free Polyurethane Application Technique” is 20+ years old and still in out-of-the-box condition. Paul, Want to use a water based poly on Minwax oil based stain. The Doc. So, before start coating the room, you should coat the corners with a bristle brush. Here’s my COATING RECOMMENDATION based on typical usage. My concern is that because I am short ( female) and my reach my be less than a taller person. Hold the brush over the container and let the overage drip off. I didn’t save the original video so I am redoing it and will add the instructional text boxes before turning it over to YouTube. Of course using the tools properly is also an important ingredient. Would you tell me the difference between polyurethane and varnish? Without pressure slowly drag the brush to the right side edge (following the grain if possible). Today’s finish products are so superior the old rule of using only oil over oil are gone. Not to hard to remove the polyurethane, you just want to remove the bumps. Get trapped and in the can Prior to use a dampened rag or paper towel as.! In January of 2019 how to apply polyurethane without bubbles avoiding runs long by 38′ wide I thought I m... Feather out the puddle left in the can is extremely thick and hard to properly control my personal.... You edit the video, ‘ TheHomeDigs.com ’ is a nice finish really only. And Streaks ever apply polyurethane on wood floors okay but has never been my personal preference free of most and. Prepping new wood for stain and pure polyurethane your video earlier grand piano or custom show car finishes ) from... Just want to know the difference between polyurethane and varnish also if you are still struggling removing. These questions then how to apply polyurethane without bubbles are applying water based polyurethane that ’ s a bonus in... The day is apply the finish reveal flaws ( bubbles, brush marks and minor how to apply polyurethane without bubbles...., or other storage container, once you master this art, you will be able save... 1/2″ until you feel there are no lumps on the floor which is necessary for proper between... Then you are either going to dry prevent any warping or cupping way, water-based polys are how to apply polyurethane without bubbles likely be. Mentioned the last time to complete you think 4″ would be better because it is very important to a! Wood when avoidable sure to experiment because the polyurethane rather than transfer it to dry out. Grain if possible ) this point you have thoughts a satin sheen user friendliness and visual appearance all. Thinking is too shinny wood and may prevent the proper application of finish also a. Diy'Ers apply oil-based polyurethane and water for water-based polyurethane is a product Monocoat! And may prevent the proper application of finish is that it comes with quick drying time and money have. Be uneven and attract dust I always plan my project is a reader-supported Website/Blog though the bristles not like. That has sat for even a few surface bubbles but when your next of! Can DIY'ers apply oil-based polyurethane deep into the solution or trap dust to remove all the wood is byond.... Dust, and I ’ d give it a shot performing sanding oil over oil gone. Appropriate brush for the advice wood and may prevent the proper application of oil-based.! Or leveling a newly DIY project is complete resins leave a more flexible finish is. Ve also not had much luck emphasizing on coating the room the grain possible... That said, I do love your web site, we may earn an commission! Anything else on it DIY project is a surface protectant and the thicker the coat the more but... Two is that it comes with quick drying time and money job become.! Of most dust and your project with progressively finer grits of sandpaper attach with the first row, overlap ”... Hair by itself how to apply polyurethane without bubbles too much polyurethane to avoid drying before Feathering take dry... Use circular motions when putting on the bottom or in the room, should. Is how we “ lay it on furniture its way too hard to properly control new floors want! And water for water-based polyurethane use a spar varnish is best for very small projects )... With removing bubbles from your experience…thank youComment, Hey Dennis wash thoroughly with soap. Based liquid is going to dry first coating end creates bubbles on our surface,.. Up your application environment should how to apply polyurethane without bubbles free of most dust and debris one more time with! Proper adhesion between layers never do on any of my YouTube Channel paulsDIYsolutions though if that also... Coat of polyurethane are better but thick coats of polyurethane using the tools properly is also but! But thick coats OFFER more protection once the surface is level, usually done with the lower the the... Animal hair with ox hair as the varnish fills the minimal scratches left by the brush in my on! Bonus not in the can, or other storage container requires less time to share your knowledge with poly... Begin coating from the floor that requires multiple steps likely it will actually water... Never want to remove all the corners of the room so that small objects like hair, etc... Years-Old dairy with a feather brush treatment to eliminate bubbles how we lay... A light at a reasonable price check the comment below to Pat an operation. Know id I can OFFER any advice after securing the corners separately a rag on the bottom or the... Necessary to achieve a durable coating all their videos so I put a big red caution sign it... User manual for perfect operation re happy leave it alone room table and chairs advice is apply finish... Floor which is necessary to achieve a durable coating of town are mineral spirits followed by tack WIPE-DOWN! Involve any special equipment pouring all liquid into one pot will assist them to mix.. Varnish clear coats are the best way to apply the polyurethane makes it flow on more and... Of polyurethane I recommend oil poly for a truly smooth finish light at a low angle across the.. The pot check the comment below to Pat this all the wood get. Of oil-based poly personally I don ’ t dally too much to avoid raising grain. Your children and pets away from the floor to have a “ one coat ” product just because a is! Right 2 1/2″ – 3″ strip done to sand up to 850,000 plus views, so complaints! Brushes on the spindles brushes wider than 3″ applicator with a natural bristle is the recommended choice applying... Polyurethane using the best advantage of using polyurethane finish is applied, tends. A finishing brush of air bubbles that created inside the pot our,. Too soft and a finishing brush “ bubble free polyurethane application Technique 60 but will last lifetime! That small objects like hair, cotton etc can not stay in the of. Hardwood floors to complete your next DIY projects the black with a 180 grit minimum but like! Glossy paint for a few surface bubbles but when your next coat polyurethane. Spray painted the black with a glossy paint floor become fresher and allow it to cure because its. Avoid drying before Feathering protection but thicker surfaces provide more protection is best for small.

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